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Social Work Course Requirements

The bachelor’s degree program in social work offers training at the generalist level of social work practice. There are two fundamental goals that guide the Social Work Program:
  1. To prepare students for employment as generalist social workers through education in a professional foundation curriculum and selected liberal arts education course work and
  2. To prepare students for advanced education, as well as to enlighten students with responsible citizenship in the areas of service and research.
The Green Sheet describes the requirements for the Social Work major. You may access it via this link, or pick it up at the Social Work Office located in Old Main 239, or ask any of the Social Work faculty members. For the most up-to-date information, always refer to the Green Sheet as well as BSW Handbook.

Once you declare Social Work as your major, keep the green sheet. The requirements of the program as of the date that you declare the major are your requirements. The requirements can change, but they do not change for you. You are responsible only for the requirements on the green sheet when you entered the program, unless you prefer to be governed by new guidelines that may arise in the future.

Social Work Course Requirements

First Year

  • SW 1010 Introduction to Social Welfare
  • FHD 1500 (BSS) Human Development Across the Lifespan
  • Engl 1010 (CL) Introduction to Writing: Academic Prose
  • Biol 1010 (BLS) Biology and the Citizen
  • Soc 1010 (BSS) Introductory Sociology
  • Psy 1010 (BSS) General Psychology
  • Stat 1040 (QL) Introduction to Statistics
  • Anth 1010 (BSS) Cultural Anthropology

Second Year

  • Engl 2010 (CL) Intermediate Writing: Research Writing in a Persuasive Mode
  • SW 2400 Social Work with Diverse Populations
  • SW 2100 Human Behavior in the Social Environment

Third Year

  • SW 3050 Practice I
  • SW 4150 Practice II
  • SW 4160 Practice III
  • Soc 3120 Social Statistics I
  • SW 4100 Social Work Research

Required Elective Enrichment Courses
Nine credits of electives are to be chosen and at least two must be taken in Social Work, and one upper-division elective can be taken outside of Social Work.

  • SW 3350 Child Welfare
  • SW 3360 Adolescents: Theories, Problems, and Issues
  • SW 3450 School Social Work
  • SW 3550 Social Gerontology
  • SW 3650 Mental Health
  • SW 3750 Medical Social Work
  • SW 4900 Topical Issue Seminar

Optional Elective

  • SW 4950 Directed Readings

Fourth Year

  • SW 4870 Beginning Field Practicum
  • SW 5350 (CI) Social Welfare Policy
  • SW 5870 Advanced Field Practicum


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