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Patrick Harvey

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Clinical Associate Professor

Clinical Associate Professor

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Office Location: Vernal Campus


Violence Cycles, victimization, school social work


Dr. Harvey received a doctorate of philosophy (Criminology) in 2009 from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. He also has an MSW and BS (Architecture) from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

Teaching Interests

Human development; social work practice and theory. Introductory courses in social work and criminology and criminalogical theory.

Research Interests

Dr. Harvey’s research interests surround the interplay of human development and behavioral decision making. Past research has included applying Integral Theory to the study of human harmfulness and violent interactions as well as exploring the development of healthy and healthier masculinities.

Scheduled Teaching

SW 6250 - HBSE II: Groups, Organizations, and Communities, Spring 2018

CJ 2360 - Juvenile Law and Procedures, Spring 2018

SW 6300 - Social Policy Analysis, Spring 2018

SW 2400 - Social Work with Diverse Populations, Spring 2018

SW 3650 - Mental Health, Fall 2017