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Certified MBB Practitioners

The Utah State University I-System Institute for Transdisciplinary Studies, I-System Model and Mind-Body Bridging Certification Program consists of three online, 3 credit hour or 4.5 CE hours, semester long courses (Foundation, Intermediate, and Advanced). To be eligible, one must have completed or be currently enrolled in a Master of Social Work, Master of Science, or Master of Arts, in a related field of study. However, for bachelor level licensed substance abuse counselors we will waive this prerequisite and allow them to enroll in the Continuing Education version of the courses. Students who are licensed clinicians and who successfully complete all three I-System Model and Mind-Body Bridging courses will be Certified MBB Therapists. Bachelor level licensed Substance Abuse Counselors who successfully complete all three courses will be Certified MBB Substance Abuse Counselors.

Mind-Body Bridging Courses 

Mind-Body Bridging Seal of Certification

Niki Olsen, LCMHC

Niki Olsen
Offers individual, group and digital courses on MBB® skills.

Personal Webpage 

Derrik Tollefson, MSW, PhD, LCSW

Derrik Tollefson
Social Work Professor and Head of SSWA at USU.

Faculty Webpage

Debra Disney, MSEd, LCPC

Debra Disney

Offers individual counseling and group classes incorporating MBB® skills.

Personal Webpage

Chase Wickersham, LCSW

Chase Wickersham

Owner of Kaizen Center for Mental Health, Psychotherapist.

Business Webpage

Rich Landward, LCSW, MPA

Rich Landward

Assistant Professor (lecturer) at University of Utah.

Faculty Webpage

Carolyn Memmott, LCSW

Carolyn Memmott

Offers individual and group therapy.

Personal Webpage

Guy du Plessis, M.A.

Guy du Plessis

MBB® Research Consultant

 Email Guy

Kevin Webb, MSW, LCSW

Kevin Webb

Offers MBB® Clinical Consultation & Supervision

 Email Kevin

Sophie Ducrocq Archibald, LCSW

Sophie Ducrocq Archibald

Owner of the Center for Integrative and Holistic Counseling, LLC

Business Webpage

Reima Kanerva, MS

Reima Kanerva

Reima lives in Finland and works in Europe. He offers individual and group courses on MBB skills.

Email Reima

Hanna Rauanheimo, M.Psych

 Hanna Rauanheimo

MBB® therapist and trainer. She lives and works in Helsinki, Finland, Europe.

Email Hanna

Philip Davis, PhD

31020 Huntley Square E., St. 233
Beverly Hills, MI  48025

Dirk Shumway, LCSW

1040 Crater Lake Ave. Suite D
Medford, OR 97504

Andrew Stuck, LPC

1040 Crater Lake Ave. Suite D
Medford, OR 97504

Christina Forssell, Business Coach

Helsinki, Finland

Email Christina


Dr. Randall T. Roberts, Doctor of Chiropractic

Soli Wellness Center 
1290 Hwy 193 ste 102
Layton, Utah 84041


Sari Vuohtoniemi, Leadership Coach (ICF MCC), M. Soc. Sci. (Soc. Psyc.)

Helsinki, Finland 


Marianne Prasad, Therapist & Nutritionist, BSc (Honours), MSc DLSHTM

Michael A. Beacco, MSW, CSW

Michael A Beacco

Michael A. Beacco, MSW, CSW
Therapy Associates

377 E. Riverside Dr. Bldg. B
St. George, UT 84790

Email Michael

Listing Your Information 

If you are a certified Mind-Body Bridging® practitioner and would like your information listed here, please contact Kevin Webb.