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Mind-Body Bridging® in Helsinki

The Finnish Association for Mental Health and the Finnish MBB ® Association jointly sponsored Guy du Plessis, MA, and Kevin G. Webb, MSW, LCSW of the Utah State University I-System Institute in presenting the MBB for Addiction Seminar (September 23-25, 2019) and the MBB for Sleep Seminar (September 26-27) in Helsinki, Finland. A reporter from the largest evening newspaper in Helsinki attended the first day of the MBB for Sleep Seminar and is writing an article and/or a series of articles about what she learned at the seminar.

Participant evaluations were overwhelmingly positive. Below are a few examples of what attendees had to say:   

“What a great and inspiring week we had.”

“Thank you for the excellent MBB workshop in Helsinki! I was really inspired of your work and lectures."

“Thank you so much for the information and also for a super interesting seminar. I learned a lot and would even say that it was a life-changing 

Guy du Plessis presents at the MBB for Addiction Seminar in Helsinki, 2019




Counselor Tracy Fehr talks to CTV News in Winnepeg about the benefits of Mind-Body Bridging.  

Niki Olsen, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor, discusses the ways Mind-Body Bridging can help with stress management. 

Ep. 22. Stress Management-Guest Niki Olsen, Part I

Ep. 22, Stress Management-Guest Niki Olsen, Part II


Niki Olsen discusses how Mind-Body Bridging can help overcome stress eating.