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Mind-Body Bridging: A road to self discovery

Podcast Featuring Dr. Derrik and Cassie Tollefson 

Jake Downs, host of the Teaching Literacy Podcast, interviewed Dr. Derrik Tollefson and his wife Cassie Tollefson about how to best teach resiliency and Mind-Body Bridging ® to elementary school students. Listen to the podcast on Jake's website.

Mind-Body Bridging® in Helsinki

The Finnish Association for Mental Health and the Finnish MBB ® Association jointly sponsored Guy du Plessis, MA, and Kevin G. Webb, MSW, LCSW of the Utah State University I-System Institute in presenting the MBB for Addiction Seminar (September 23-25, 2019) and the MBB for Sleep Seminar (September 26-27) in Helsinki, Finland. A reporter from the largest evening newspaper in Helsinki attended the first day of the MBB for Sleep Seminar and is writing an article and/or a series of articles about what she learned at the seminar.

Participant evaluations were overwhelmingly positive. Below are a few examples of what attendees had to say:   

“What a great and inspiring week we had.”

“Thank you for the excellent MBB workshop in Helsinki! I was really inspired of your work and lectures."

“Thank you so much for the information and also for a super interesting seminar. I learned a lot and would even say that it was a life-changing 

Stanley H. Block and his wife, Carolyn Bryant Block, have a passion for “wanting good for the world,” said Tollefson. But they were unsure how to go about condensing and perpetuating 40 years of Block’s work — and then turning that vision into reality. “They truly want to help bless people’s lives,” he said.

Block not only presented a monetary gift of over $2 million to the university, but also all of his intellectual property, said Tollefson. USU now owns the copyrights to the Blocks’ published books, as well as the many workbooks they’ve created.

“The money is one thing, and it is, of course, very important,” he said. “But what’s even more important is that the institute now owns the intellectual property” that will allow it to flourish.

Their mission, as defined by the Blocks, is to disseminate mind-body bridging concepts around the globe, said Tollefson. “We’ll train clinicians who know how to practice it on the mental health side. We’ll train teachers how to use it in their classrooms. We’ll train students at universities and secondary and elementary schools to use it,” he said.

“If I was to put his mission in a nutshell, it would be to take mind-body bridging and share it with the world.”









Guy du Plessis presents at the MBB for Addiction Seminar in Helsinki, 2019




Counselor Tracy Fehr talks to CTV News in Winnepeg about the benefits of Mind-Body Bridging.  

Niki Olsen, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor, discusses the ways Mind-Body Bridging can help with stress management. 

Ep. 22. Stress Management-Guest Niki Olsen, Part I

Ep. 22, Stress Management-Guest Niki Olsen, Part II


Niki Olsen discusses how Mind-Body Bridging can help overcome stress eating.