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Apply for the 1.5 - Year MSW Part -Time Advanced Standing Program 
BSW Required - Offered Only at USU Statewide Campuses

The Advanced Standing (AS) program begins spring semester every third year at the USU Statewide Campuses. Over the course of five semesters, students will complete 36 credits. The cohort will begin the 16-week spring session course work beginning in January and ending in May. Classes will be held from 5:15 PM to 10:30 PM on Tuesdays. MSW Part-Time (1.5-year) AS applications are due by June prior to the intake year. Applications may be submitted in the Summer/Fall prior to admittance. Notification of admittance will be distributed in the fall of each application cycle.

For an overview of the program schedule and requirements for admitted MSW Students, visit this page: MSW Program Requirement Sheet

Application Deadline
Starting Semester
June 30, 2021 January 2022
August 2023
June 30, 2023
January 2024 August 2025
June 30, 2025 January 2026 August 2027
June 30, 2027 January 2028 August 2029

Application Requirements - NO Entrance Exam is Required for Utah State University's MSW Program

You may start your application here You will begin by filling out a profile and basic application.  Once you complete the application and the associated fee, you will gain access to the portal that contains the supplementary items: Your statement of purpose, letters of recommendation and resume. 

Applicants are required to submit official transcripts for each college or university attended. Please have the transcripts sent to the USU School of Graduate Studies Office. (USU Transcript code: 4857)

Applicants who have graduated from USU do not need to submit a transcript.

Applicants must have completed an undergraduate degree in social work (BSW) from a CSWE-accredited college or university prior to matriculation in the MSW program. This degree must have been earned within the previous five years. The MSW Program can complement and build on the foundation of education gained at the Bachelor's level.

Coursework requirements: A 3.0 or higher grade point average for most recent 60 semester or 90 quarter credits; GPA of 3.3 or higher for al social work courses attempted. Each Social work course attempted must have earned a B grade or higher.

Coursework should include at least one introductory social or behavioral science course and a research methods/statistics course. A minimum of 21 semester hours of social or behavioral sciences is expected; students deficient in this area will need to be highly qualified in other areas to be considered for admission.

The online application portal will have a document for you to download and complete with the following questions serving as your statement of purpose.  You are limited to 1000 characers per question section.

  1. Why are you seeking an MSW at this time? Describe your career goals and how they have evolved. How have your past and present life experiences influenced your decision to pursue a career in the field of human service? 
  2. What personal and professional qualities do you have that will contribute to your success in graduate school and in the profession of social work? What limitations and challenges do you have that might create barriers to your success?
  3. What areas of social work practice interest you and why?
  4. Discuss your experience with and reflect on your comfort level related to working with diverse and vulnerable populations.
  5. Discuss the fit between your personal values and the profession of social work’s commitment to advancing human rights and social and economic justice.

  6. Discuss your experience with, interest in, and ideas about engaging in social work research and policy practice.
  7. Discuss your experience with, interest in, and ideas about engaging, assessing, intervening, and evaluating practice with individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities.
  8. Discuss your previous academic experience and reflect on your academic strengths and limitations. 


Three satisfactory letters of recommendation are required for the completion of any MSW application. Ideally, one letter will be submitted for each applicant from a faculty member familiar with the applicant's academic work, a field supervisor from a practicum or internship experience, and a supervisor from a significant human services work or volunteer experience.  If the applicant will be graduating with a BSW this coming semester, a letter from his/her practicum/internship supervisor is required for consideration into the Advanced Standing program.

The School of Research and Graduate Studies will send each recommender an electronic form to complete, as identified by the applicant. In the application portal, the applicant will simply identify the recommender and her or his email address. 

The application process requires a resume with relevant research, work and volunteer experience. A template will be provided to you in the application portal - please follow the instructions on the form. 

A non-refundable $55 application fee is paid to the School of Graduate Studies Office. The payment is submitted online prior to uploading any application documents.

Tuition and fees for 2021-2022: $456 per student credit hour (subject to annual increases)
MSW Full-Time (1.5-year) Advanced Standing Program: 36 credit hours 

Downloadable PDFs: