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Phi Alpha Honor Society

  • The Phi Alpha Honor Society is a national honor society for social work students.

  • The purpose of the organization is to promote humanitarian goals and ideals.

  • Phi Alpha fosters high standards of education for social workers.

  • Phi Alpha invites into membership those who have attained excellence in scholarship and achievement.

  • Students may apply during the fall semester of their junior year.

  • Membership requirements are: Advanced Standing status, overall 3.0 GPA and 3.25 Social Work GPA.

  • Members commit to 40 hours of community service by the end of their senior year (not including their practicum).

  • Members pay a lifetime membership fee of $20 to the national office and $3 for annual society participation.

  • Students can gain leadership experience by being the president and class chairs.

For more information, please contact Dr. Jennifer Roark (

Phi Alpha 2015

Phi Alpha 2015 members: Alayna Baker, Britney Braegger, Teri Michaelis, Mark Hobbs, Jocelyn Hobbs, Andrea Kerns, Carrie Thomas, Emeline Mendenhall, Angelina Whitehorse, MacKensie Pabst, Hannah Russon, Cindy Bury, Evelyn Menjivar, Paisley Cummings, Saesha Dursteler, Lindsey Elwood, Rachel Jensen, McKinsey Johnson, Caitlyn Leichty, Tyler Beckstrand, Jalynn Johnson, Ayanna Morazan, Andreina Palma and Trienna Todachinnie.


In celebrating and honoring the achievements of our growing Phi Alpha Chapter:
Student Awards

Phi Alpha student award

From left: Mark Hobbs, Jocelyn Hobbs, Angelina Whitehorse, and Andreina Palma

Student Awards:

Leadership Award: This award honors an individual who has shown great leadership in the advancement of social work values, ethics, and advocacy on either an infrastructural or interpersonal level. The individual leadership may have contributed to the larger benefit of an agency, campus, community, or policy. This award goes to Mark Hobbs. This leader valued by fellow students and helps guide them to serve in leadership roles.

Mentoring Award: This award recognizes the efforts of a student who accepts the call to mentor other social work students through their example of social work roles. This award goes to Jocelyn Hobbs. This person offers encouragement, support, and a sense of community within the social work program. She is a person that other students can connect with and who understands their experiences.

Phi Alpha Distance Student Award: This award recognizes the excellence of one of our distance education students. This award goes to Angelina Whitehorse. She was recognized as one of the top distance education students in 2014, works as a campus peer support person at USU Eastern, has led her practicum site to become more interested in creating more cultural programs, is recognized as an exceptional student by her Moab faculty, and is an active and effective advocate for marginalized and disadvantaged populations.

Service Award: This award recognizes a student who goes above and beyond to provide service and promote service among fellow students. This award goes to Andreina Palma. This recipient promotes service among targeted recipients, raises awareness, or provides continued support to an in-place program.