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Advisory Board

The purpose of the Advisory Board is to advise TCI about the pressing needs of the community and aid in choosing TCI’s yearly theme. Although the yearly theme will develop through the Advisory Board, the final yearly theme will be chosen based on the community need and the feasibility of the topic.

The Advisory Board will consist of five community members. One Advisory Board member will be affiliated with a government agency (for example, Logan City Office, Cache County Office, Cache County Attorney, and so forth). Two Advisory Board members will be affiliated with social service agencies in Northern Utah. One Advisory Board member will be affiliated with Utah State’s Institution Review Board. One Advisory Board member will be a community member.

The Advisory Board will meet four times a calendar year. The Advisory Board will meet once in June to determine the topic and make suggestions as to who would be a valuable Stakeholder Board member. They will meet once in August to finalize the yearly theme and the Stakeholder Board members’ recommendations. They will meet in December to finalize the survey. They will meet in April to hear the results from the finalized project. In addition to the formal board meetings, Stakeholders members will be encouraged to speak in the research course and the community course.

Advisory Board Members 2017-2018

City of Logan

Jeannie Simmonds

Department of Workforce Services

Brad Kelstrom

Quality Youth Services

Ciara Connors

Tami Paxton

Community Member

Nicole Vouvalis