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Stakeholders Board

The purpose of the Stakeholders Board is to advise TCI about the yearly theme. Specifically, the Stakeholders Board will act as a liaison between the community and the students. They will inform the students about the yearly theme and will help the students understand how the research connects to service delivery.

The Stakeholders Board will consist of two persons from local social service agencies, one person from the community, and one person associated with the LDS church, all of whom are committed to the yearly theme.  The Stakeholders Board will meet in July to provide input for the yearly survey. They will meet in December (with the Advisory Board) to distribute the final survey, as designed by the students, for comments and edits.  They will meet in April (with the Advisory Board) to review the results of the yearly survey. In addition to the formal board meetings, Stakeholders members will be encouraged to speak in the research course and the community course.

Stakeholders Board Members 2017-2018

Neighborhood Nonprofit Housing Corporation

Kim C. Datwyler, Executive Director

Logan City Community Development

Aaron Smith, Planner II/CDBG

Bear River Association of Governments

Lucas Martin, Human Services Specialist

Stefanie Jones, Homeless Coordinator

Department of Workforce Services

Phillilp Redlinger, DVOP Veterans Employment Counselor

Community Members

Jess Skidmore