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Fair Housing Research

Statewide General Public & Service Provider Surveys: Knowledge & Attitudes Regarding Fair Housing

This project was a partnership between USU social work faculty and the Division of Fair Housing. Students from two sections of Community Practice collected data all over the state regarding the public’s knowledge and attitudes concerning the Fair Housing Law. This critical data allowed the Division of Fair Housing’s Educational Outreach Specialist to take a data-driven approach to educational efforts around the state. Students analyzed the data and completed educational outreach presentations to communities around our state, reaching over 200 community members and leaders across Utah. 




Published Articles

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Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing

This project was funded by Logan City’s Community Development Block Grant. The purpose of the project was to solicit public participation to form the Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing that is required by the Department of Housing and Urban Development as a CDGB jurisdiction. The project included community member and stakeholder interviews, secondary data analysis, and policy review.


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