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Homelessness Research

A Snapshot of Homeless Services in the Mountain West

This project involved interviews of homeless services agencies in 18 cities in the Mountain West that share characteristics with Logan City (i.e.., geographic isolation, population, harsh winters). The project was undertaken at the request of the Logan, UT Local Homeless Coordinating Council (LHCC), and was executed through a service learning project with USU graduate social work students in a research/policy course.

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TCI Annual Project

This project will be the annual large community survey associated with the Transforming Communities Initiative for the 2017-2018 academic year. This project will focus on assessing the knoweledge of and attitudes towards homeleness in Utah. Juniors in the Social Work program at USU will develop instrumentation, field surveys, analyze and report data, and design data-drive community-level interventions.

Student Research Briefs

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