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Your questions and comments are important to us! Please feel free to contact us. Please provide an e-mail address and/or phone number so that we may respond to you as soon as possible.

Social Work Program Coordinator (Logan) (Becky Montoya)

435-797-2238 or

MSW Program Coordinator (Full-Time Program) (Dr. Jessica Lucero)

435-797-9122 or

MSW Program Coordinator (Part-Time Program) (Dr. Susan Egbert)

801-518-1115 or

Field Practicum Director (Logan) (Dr. Diane Calloway-Graham)

435-797-2389 or

BSW Program Peer Advisor (Logan campus) (Tabatha)

435-797-1286 or 

Brigham City Campus Faculty (C.J. Sorenson)

435-919-1282 or

Tooele Campus Faculty (Sean Camp)

435-882-6611 or

Tooele Campus BSW Instructor (Raini Heap) 

 435-830-9905 or

Moab & Blanding Campus Faculty (Jenifer Evers)

435-259-7432 x 1804 or

Price Campus Faculty (Jan Thornton)

435-613-5326 or