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Non-Social Work Major: Social Service Worker (SSW) Licensure

 R156-60a-302b. Experience Requirements for Licensure as an SSW.

 In accordance with Subsection 58-60-205(4)(d)(iii)(B), the 2,000 hours of supervised qualifying experience for licensure as an SSW shall be:

 (1) performed as an employee of an agency providing social work services and activities;

 (2) performed according to a written social work job description approved by the licensed mental health therapist supervisor; and

 (3) completed over a duration of not less than one year.


Beginning summer of 2018, the Social Work Program at Utah State University will offer all prerequisite courses to non-social work majors required to sit for the SSW license exam. These courses will be offered every semester online. 

The three non-matriculated 3-credit hour classes are:

1. SW 5901 Human Behavior in the Social Environment (3 credits)
2. SW 5902 Social Welfare Practice Methods (3 credits)
3. SW 5903 Social Welfare Policy (3 credits)

These classes are specifically designed to meet the State of Utah's SSW licensure requirements for non-social work majors. There are no specific prerequisites required for the courses, other than possession of an undergraduate degree. Students must enroll as a"Graduate Non-matriculated Student" to take these courses. Students will be charged graduate-level tuition.

Note: These classes will not replace similarly titled core classes at the Master of Social Work (MSW) program level. Similarly, SSW licensure holders without a BSW degree are not eligible to apply for the 1-year Advanced Standing MSW program.

These courses are offered online and are congruent with the University's academic schedule. 

For tuition and fees for this set of 3 courses in Summer, please refer to the USU Tuition & Fees table at

It is possible that interested students may have taken some of the courses in pursuit of the students' undergraduate degree (non-social work majors) to meet the qualifications required for the SSW license (meaning students would not have to take all three courses). If a student already has taken a course that meets one of the requirements, it is not necessary to take all three (3) courses, only the ones that the student would need.

  • Any questions regarding financial aid should be directed to Utah State University's Office of Financial Aid at

If you are interested in getting more information about the SSW coursework through USU, please contact Becky Montoya, CSW (

*USU’s Social Work programs are accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) and consequently meet licensure requirements in all 50 states. States differ in their licensing processes and students are encouraged to become familiar with these processes when pursuing licensure in a particular state (see the Education Licensure Compliance Table or, if interested in school social work licensure, contact the School of Teacher Education and Leadership at for more information).