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Social Worker Student Association (SWSA)

The Social Work Student Association (SWSA) is a great social work-based organization that allows students to build their resume, enhance their application to advanced standing (and graduate school), and give back to the community. Fill out the form below to receive more information as to upcoming service projects and ways they can get involved. 

NASW Memberships

Membership in SWSA opens many opportunities, especially when members are also affiliated with NASW. Some benefits of NASW membership include:

Government Relations

NASW works to eliminate harmful legislation that limits social work’s ability to help others. They also work to protect social work jobs and educate legislators about the importance of the social work profession.

Networking Opportunities

NASW activities provide an excellent way for social workers to share ideas and information with colleagues. Members can also meet with potential employers and agency representatives at conferences and workshops.

Job Opportunities

Members have access to local and national job bank information. Student members can call the Utah Chapter which will help them look for jobs and inform them of typical salaries.

Continuing Education

Members are welcome to attend monthly branch luncheon meetings.

Malpractice Insurance

NASW offers malpractice insurance that is affordable and comprehensive.

Professional Support

An NASW representative is available for free consultation on ethical and professional concerns.


Local and national newsletters link members with job opportunities, information on private practice, professional support and continuing education opportunities. Members can also receive Social Work, a journal that connects them to the latest research in the profession.

Discount Programs

NASW affinity credit cards, member discounts on rental cars, and other financial services.


Members can enhance their skills and strengthen their resumes by earning professional credentials.

USU SWSA (Social Work Student Association)

Every fall and spring semester, the Social Work Student Association (SWSA) recruits new members to be a part of the club. 

Membership: Students are welcome to participate in the social work related activities which are run by the SWSA. Membership fees are $10 a person/year. Membership form is available the Social Work Program Office (OM 239 -  Logan campus). Although the majority of club members are social work students, this is not a requirement and we welcome anyone interested in working on valuable projects within the community. 

Activities: SWSA typically partners with local organizations throughout the year to serve various populations within the Cache Valley community. Populations we have worked with in the past range from individuals and families who are food insecure to refugees and immigrants, but typically are those who are in need or at risk in some way. We also hold several information sessions where community leaders and organizations speak to SWSA students about their career. This introduces students to some of the work done in the helping profession of social work and creates an opportunity for students to begin to formulate an idea of what they want to do in their professional careers. 

Club activities will look a little different this year due to COVID-19. However, we are still planning on holding meetings and doing occasional group projects if the current public health climate allows. Tentative ideas for this upcoming school year are:

  • Assisting the Cache Valley English Learning Center in setting up their library that will be accessible to individuals and families learning English. 
  • Providing students with a variety of social service activities they can be involved in individually to enhance their interpersonal skills and to gain experience working in the social work profession. 
  • Holding information sessions where a member of a social work organization speaks to SWSA students to inform them on the mission, goal, and types of services they provide to the community. 

Students may choose to be a part of the publicity, service, information sessions, or social committees associated with SWSA. These opportunities serve as a great way to get more involved in the Social Work Program and the helping profession. SWSA also provides leadership opportunities for students by allowing students to become representatives for their class or serve on committees. A president and other supporting leadership roles are selected based on experience at the beginning of each academic year. 

SWSA Contact Information
Faculty Advisor
Jeff Sheen, PhD, MSW
Lily Ward

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