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Social Worker Student Association (SWSA)

Students are strongly encouraged to become members of the SWSA. It embraces the mission, vision and philosophy of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW), which is the largest social work organization in the U.S. NASW's primary purposes include "promoting the professional development of its members, establishing and maintaining professional standards of practice, advancing sound social policies, and providing services that protect its members and enhance their professional status."

Membership in SWSA opens many opportunities, especially when members are also affiliated with NASW. Some benefits of NASW membership include:

  • Government Relations. NASW works to eliminate harmful legislation that limits social work’s ability to help others. They also work to protect social work jobs and educate legislators about the importance of the social work profession.

  • Networking Opportunities. NASW activities provide an excellent way for social workers to share ideas and information with colleagues. Members can also meet with potential employers and agency representatives at conferences and workshops.

  • Job Opportunities. Members have access to local and national job bank information. Student members can call the Utah Chapter which will help them look for jobs and inform them of typical salaries.

  • Continuing Education. Members are welcome to attend monthly branch luncheon meetings.

  • Malpractice Insurance. NASW offers malpractice insurance that is affordable and comprehensive.

  • Professional Support. An NASW representative is available for free consultation on ethical and professional concerns.

  • Publications. Local and national newsletters link members with job opportunities, information on private practice, professional support and continuing education opportunities. Members can also receive Social Work, a journal that connects them to the latest research in the profession.

  • Discount Programs. NASW affinity credit cards, member discounts on rental cars, and other financial services.

  • Credentialing. Members can enhance their skills and strengthen their resumes by earning professional credentials.

USU SWSA (Social Work Student Association (SWSA) at Utah State University)

Every spring semester, the Social Work program recruits new members for the Social Work Student Association at Utah State University. The SWSA maintains a Code of Ethics for the social work profession.

Membership: Students are welcome to participate in the social work related activities which is run by social work students dedicated to serving in the community. Membership fees are $20 a person/year. Membership form is available the Social Work Program Office (OM 239 -  Logan campus).


  • USU's undergraduate SWSA members paint the sidewalk every year during Homecoming week, plan a holiday party, organize a Thanksgiving drive for needy families in the community and much more.

  • USU's graduate SWSA members participated in the 2009 Thanksgiving drive, provided Christmas goodies to needy families, had a `Holiday Social". Activities for 2010 may include soliciting donations for the entire year to eventually purchase animals for needy countries through the international program, "HEIFER International - Ending Hunger; Caring for the Earth".

Students may choose to be a part of the publicity, service, brown bag, or social committees, which is a great way to get more involved in the Social Work Program. SWSA also provides leadership opportunities for students by allowing students to become representatives for their class or serve on committees. A president, vice president and secretary are selected based on experience with SWSA each year.

  From left: Moises Diaz, Shannon Browne, Diane Calloway-Graham

SWSA Contact Information
Faculty Advisor
Prof. Shannon Browne, MSW, J.D
USU-BSW SWSA Co-President (2016-2017)
Karlie Richman
USU-BSW SWSA Co-President (2016-2017)
Camille Ostler

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