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Refugee Needs Assessment

This project was a partnership between USU sociology faculty (Dr. Steve Daniels and Lorien Belton), Dr. Lucero, and the Department of Workforce Services in Utah. Under Dr. Lucero's supervision, students assisted the larger Refugee Project team in conducting a statewide needs assessment regarding the educational and employment needs of Utah’s refugee population. Students were trained to conduct interviews and oversaw every aspect of phase I of the needs assessment project, which involved interviews of human service providers both in and outside Utah in regard to their perceptions of refugee educational and employment needs and challenges. Students analyzed qualitative data and presented their findings to the larger project team. The results from this phase of the project were integrated in a larger state-funded report, and are being discussed widely in the refugee services community in Utah. Findings from this project can be found under the research tab in the document entitled “Utah Refugee Needs Assessment.”

Fair Housing Research Project

This project was a partnership between USU social work faculty and the Division of Fair Housing at the Utah Labor Commission. Students from two sections of Community Practice collected data all over the state regarding the public’s knowledge and attitudes concerning the Fair Housing Law. These data were critical because they allowed the Division of Fair Housing’s Educational Outreach Specialist to take a data-driven approach to educational efforts around the state. Students analyzed the data and completed educational outreach presentations to communities around our state, reaching over 200 community members and leaders across Utah. Results from this study can be found under the research tab in an infographic entitled “Fair Housing Infographic.” 


Regional Campus Mental Health Needs Assessment Project

This project was a partnership between Utah State University’s Counseling and Psychological Services, Utah State University Regional Campuses, and Dr. Lucero’s MSW research course. Students designed a survey and obtained IRB approval to assess the mental health needs of USU’s regional campus students, a currently underserved population. Data were collected, analyzed and reported to key stakeholders who can improve the service delivery for regional campus students. Osanna Rodgers, an MSW student, helped lead this project. Findings from this study can be found under the research tab in a report entitled, “RC Mental Health Assessment Handout.”