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Board Member Spotlight

 Tami Paxton, LCSW

What is your position and title?
Co-Owner of Quality Youth Services, serving as a clinical director.  Board member of Day One a non-profit dedicated to providing mental health services to those who do not have the resources.


What is your educational/training background?
BSW in 2000, MSW 2001.  LCSW and credentialed with NOJOS (network on juveniles offending sexually).  I have a history working with adolescents who have at risk behaviors since I began tracking youth when I was 18.  Upon completing grad school I began working at a residential sex offender facility in Logan/Brigham, then drug court with youth for two years, hospital crisis and Hospice concurrently, then back to adolescents in proctor care until opening my own business in 2007.   


What is the best thing about living in Cache Valley? 
I love Cache Valley however I do not live in the valley.  I have camped up Black Smith Fork Canyon for 25 years.


What do you find most rewarding about your work?
I really believe in youth, when I am able to form a connection and understand them the way they want me to it is amazing.  They seem to take a deep breath and allow change at that point.  I also really like the 'unchangeable' youth who really challenge everything.  I like when they come back around when they turn 20+ and introduce a wife and children to us.    


What do you perceive to be some of the most pressing mental health needs in our community? 
Lack of services for homeless youth.  (homelessness individuals in general)

In the next 10 years, what kind of growth/development would you like to see in our community as it relates to mental health?
I would like to see services for homeless youth. I also would like to see Medicaid recipients be free to participate in therapy with an agency of their choice. 

What advice do you have for community members related to mental health? 
I would like to help the community remove stigma regarding mental health issues.  My advice for anyone struggling to find a therapist you would be willing to talk to, give it 30 days. 

Do you have anything else you’d like to share? 
I really appreciate being a part of the TCI process, it is so helpful on many levels.