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What are Leaders in Macro Social Work Saying? Make Macro Matter NOW!


The Association for Community Organization and Social Administration (ACOSA)  is an association that was formed in 1987 with a mission of strengthening community organization and social administration with the Social Work Profession. ACOSA is a membership organization for community organizers, activists, nonprofit administrators, community builders, policy practitioners, students and educators. In 2013 ACOSA’s Special Commission launched a movement called “Make Macro Matter” that aimed to do just that, make macro practice matter within the field of Social Work once again. This movement was launched in an effort to address the more recent  imbalance in the Social Work profession between macro and micro practice. Recent data show the number of students being trained in micro practice far outweighs the the number of students being trained in macro practice. Fewer macro practitioners means less social work impact on public policy, diminished social service provisions, and increased risks for communities. We are finding ourselves deeply in need of professional Social Workers trained in macro practice--especially at a time when we face the impacts of institutionalized racism, environmental degradations, increased economic inequality and poverty, and deteriorating police-community relations among many other social justice issues. Due to the increasing imbalance in the social work profession, in 2014 the Special Commission took it a step further and launched a campaign called “20 in 2020”. This campaign seeks to increase the enrollment in macro concentration to reflect 20% of all social work graduates by 2020. Follow ACOSA on social media for updates on their efforts. And lend your voice to this important conversation: Make Macro Matter! View more information here